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Commercial LED Lighting and Industrial LED Lighting

As a Lancashire based Commercial LED Lighting and Industrial LED Lighting manufacturer our goal is to provide a blend of cost effective stock and project solutions through our Industrial LED Lighting wholesale partner network. We do this with the added flexibility of modifying and bespoke manufacturing of replacement Fire Rated LED Lighting products to suit budget and technical requirements of a project. We are members of Made in Britain and strong advocates of utilising local supply chain.

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Commercial and Industrial Lighting

Complete project solutions

BrightLED are able to design and manufacture high quality LED's for any solution and have a long history of manufacturing products for unique circumstances. BrightLED have over 20 years of electrical engineering experience and are highly skilled at lighting product design. Contact us for custom solutions, bespoke gear trays and complete luminaries.

A member of Made in Britain

lighting solutions

Our products offer industry leading performance without the industry leading price tag. The key to a successful LED installation is to give you a realistic payback time to make sure you can enjoy greater saving over the life of the LED products. Our cost effective solutions give you the fastest payback and some of the longest lasting products available.

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