Tridonic G2 Downlight

Product features

  • 100lm/w
  • 60 or 90 deg aluminium
  • Comply with new ECA criteria
  • 3k and 4k as standard
  • 50,000 hours, 5 year warranty
  • EM option
  • 120mm, 170mm and 225mm options
Download Spec Sheet


Model NumberPowerDiameterCutoutBeam AngleLuminous FluxColour Temp (k)
DL-TRIG2-120-10W-**-**10w120mm100mm - 108mm60º or 90º1000lm3000k and 4000k
DL-TRIG2-170-10W-**-**10w170mm145mm - 158mm60º or 90º1000lm3000k and 4000k
DL-TRIG2-170-20W-**-**20w170mm145mm - 158mm60º or 90º2000lm3000k and 4000k
DL-TRIG2-225-20W-**-**20w225mm190mm - 210mm60º or 90º2000lm3000k and 4000k
DL-TRIG2-225-30W-**-**30w225mm190mm - 210mm60º or 90º3000lm3000k and 4000k